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Pasq's Crazy Ramblings

Aug 29 '14





omg i am laughing so hard at the Miss Universe costume category


you got poland lookin nice


Namibia workin it


Costa Rica goin big, what did you expect


Haiti fuckin rockin it


Great Britain got damn


Switzerland hell yeah

and then


….Miss USA.

we had to be a fucking transformer

is this real life

reblogging this again just to add

canada HAD TO BE a fuckign mountie are you kidding me

but did you guys see this: 



I got curious and went to look if Belgium did what Belgium always does.

Yup, it’s a “Red Devil”


Aug 25 '14

An Open Letter to Aaron Diaz


Dear Aaron Diaz,

Over the past few days we’ve already exchanged some words about this. I reblogged Mary’s comic lampooning your comic (and others like it), expressing my approval of its message. I also subtweeted your work fairly obviously. We are friendly acquaintances and my behavior was inappropriate and rude. I apologized to you via email for being passive-aggressive and thoughtless, and you graciously accepted my apology. I admit: what I did was hurtful, and the wrong way to go about it. With that in mind, I want to try to address the problems I have with your work in a direct, honest, and hopefully respectful way. No passive-aggression, no rudeness, no vague-tweeting. 

Aaron, I have a real problem with the way you write and draw female characters. It is sexually objectifying and sexist.

I do not have a problem with artists writing and drawing objectified female characters. I do have a problem with characters I consider sexist, but ultimately it’s something I can ignore. There’s a place for everything, and an artist has the right to create whatever they want to create, for whatever ends they choose. What I have a problem with is that your comic is not presented as a science fiction comic with a dash of sexy thrills, but rather as a feminist narrative in support of powerful independent women. You’ve made it clear on many occasions that you don’t consider your work to be objectifying or sexist. I have a problem with cheesecake-style art being presented as something feminist, empowering, enlightened- something made “for women”, when it’s clearly made for men.

You’re allowed to make art with male gaze. But please call a spade a spade.

I think you are a nice person who does good things. I think you’re a good artist and a good writer. But I consider writing and drawing women to be one of your weaknesses, and it’s hard to imagine that you don’t know that. If you do, I haven’t heard you say so.

I know Mary’s comic stung. I’m not going to deny there was meanness there, although I saw it more as humorously exaggerated satire than a personal attack.  I understand that it sucks to see your work roasted in such a way. But the criticism it made of your work resonated with a lot of people. They can’t all be idiots, crazy people, or “SJWs”, or people with a personal grudge against you. To paraphrase a saying, “If lots of people are telling you it’s raining, get an umbrella.” Aaron, many people have this problem with your work. The problem exists. And since you seem to be very much invested in feminism and positive, non-sexualized portrayals of women in media, you need to take a long hard look at your own output. You need to get an umbrella.

I don’t think I’ve seen a single page of Dresden Codak that doesn’t feature a woman posed in a male-gazey way, with loving focus on her ass or cleavage, or wearing a sexual costume, or in some situation that puts her in a compromising position (like the most recent page in which Kimiko’s clothing is burned off of her body, which has happened at least twice in the series’ run.) I have a very hard time believing that these details are accidental. Not to mention the pinups you posted a few days ago. Instead of saying something like, “Here’s some sexy drawings of Kimiko I did” you said they were about “agency” and “celebration of the female form”. It’s hard not to see language like that as dishonest and sort of insulting.

The following images are a few examples of what I’m referring to. I tried to only find examples from the current arc in the comic, or from merchandise you currently sell. I understand that there is a larger context to these images, but the fact that you continually write situations in which these presentations of women would be contextually appropriate is part of the problem. For the sake of fairness, there is ONE female character in Dresden Codak who is not presented sexually, but to me, that doesn’t do much to make up for the rest of it, especially since she is the only female character with a speaking role in the history of the comic who is not presented this way.


Aaron, you can do whatever you want with your own comic. However, if you really do care about female characters in media, or care to know why so many people seem to be angry with you about it, I would do one of two things. If you don’t want your comic to present its female characters in a borderline-erotic light, then stop doing that. If you don’t mind that, then by all means continue, but please just admit that you like drawing t&a and that it’s not particularly empowering, or feminist, or a celebration of personal agency. As a woman, I resent being told that men’s eye candy is actually meant to uplift me and that I should celebrate it.

I’m not trying to attack you or slander you. I’m certainly not doing this to stir up drama. I think you are a good person. And I think that you make a good comic. It’s obvious that a lot of people really love it and support it, and will continue to love and support it no matter what. There’s a lot you are doing right. But your work is not perfect, and I want to talk about it directly, honestly, and respectfully.

Thank you for listening.

-Magnolia Porter

Since I have reblogged a bunch of Aaron’s work, I feel it’s only fair I reblog this as well. Truth be told I didn’t know he was so dishonest about this.

Aug 25 '14














You need to see it.


(Source: brozoi)

Aug 21 '14

Place me in a garbage can.
These characters are from Cucumber Quest, but this has nothing to do with Cucumber Quest.


Place me in a garbage can.

These characters are from Cucumber Quest, but this has nothing to do with Cucumber Quest.

Aug 18 '14




The Body Shapes of the World’s Best Athletes Compared Side By Side

Health and fitness comes in all shapes and sizes. Every single one of these athletes is a certified bad-ass.

I’ve posted this before but it’s worth reblogging!

Still some of my favorite references!

Reblog because people can always use a reminder that there are so many different healthy body masses and shapes. The above isn’t even close to all of the possibilities.

Aug 17 '14


Inspired by some amputee photo shoots, I decided to try my hand at some cyborg-themed pinup sketches with Kim, a sort of celebration of the female form and taking agency over one’s body.

The marvelous thing about people with prostheses is that they get to show their story on the outside, and are afforded an opportunity to take command over their own body in a unique way. Kim is an amputee who is often in a state of discomfort or worse due to her condition (sometimes being wheelchair bound), but at the same time she builds upon what she’s replaced, moving beyond simply replacing limbs and enhancing her mind and body. This would have likely never happened had she not been “disabled” in the first place; the trauma she experienced was horrible, but it opened a door to a new story in her life. She couldn’t control what she was given, but she can control what she does with it.

I like to think that the visibility and evolution of Kim’s prostheses is a way to show how her past scars don’t define or limit her, but instead only offer new opportunities for growth. She’s 60% prosthetic at this point, but she’s no less human, only more.

Aug 13 '14

"I Want to Live"
I drew this comic yesterday and today it’s up on The Nib.


"I Want to Live"

I drew this comic yesterday and today it’s up on The Nib.

Aug 12 '14


hatching pokemon like


Now I want to hack my game to play this song everytime I ride the bike. Someone teach me to do that.

Aug 4 '14

Shortpacked!: Exhibit


Shortpacked!: Exhibit

Jul 23 '14

nBners ONLY: Will breed shiny+IV Pokémon for your birthday


I have decided that for the next year, for every nBner, I will breed them a shiny Pokémon with multiple perfect IVs (cannot promise 5, but should have at least 3). This Pokémon will be of your choice, my fellow nBner, out of all the Pokémon that are breedable. On top of that I will also get you one or more 5 perfect IV (or if lucky, it will be a 6 perfect IV) non-shiny Pokémon of that same choice if wanted. (Since I will get multiple of those while trying to get a shiny.)

I will also let you choose the nature, ability (cannot promise the shiny will have it) and up to 4 Egg Moves, as well as preferred gender (cannot promise the shiny will be of that gender). For most Pokémon I can also let you choose the Pokéball you want it in (Of the ones I can easily get in the game. I only have a few Masterballs so to make it fair to everyone Masterball is not an option.) And of course you get to choose the name too!

On top of all this, If you request it, I can try to get the shiny being hatched on your birthday, but there’s a chance none of the eggs I hatch that day will be shiny, and then you’ll have to wait until after your birthday to get the Pokémon.

So, send me an ask with the following info, and I’ll start working on it!

  • Pokémon wanted
  • Nickname, if any
  • Preferred gender, if any
  • Nature wanted, if any
  • Preferred ability, if any
  • Egg Moves wanted, if any
  • Which kind of Pokéball you would prefer it to be in
  • If you want me to try getting the shiny to hatch on your birthday
  • If you want any of the non-shiny IV bred Pokémon
  • Might also want to add your birthday, cause I don’t have everyone’s memorized.

Again, this is only for my nBners friends, sorry. Don’t bother reblogging this or anything, I’m not doing this for anyone else (just don’t have the time)